How To Choose Your Pet's Bed

Now that Spring is here, take this an an opportunity to look at cool dog beds for sale! Your furry pal deserves nothing but the best – so why let him sleep just about anywhere? You don't need a fancy pet bed. Even a standard cushioned mat would do nicely. Remember that canines, even domesticated ones, will always be territorial. Besides, wouldn't it feel great knowing that your precious pooch has a private place to call his own?

Dog Pillow Bed

Pet beds aren't just a requirement from responsible animal lovers and owners, it has other benefits too. If you're dog is just a pup, he'll feel more secure in his cozy spot. Puppies love to snuggle; so they'll appreciate a nest bed with soft, raised rims in a cute color. Choosing a pet bed doesn't have to be daunting. With a few simple tips, your dog can soon have a nice, warm place to sleep in:

Mind Your Dog

The very first thing you should consider when shopping for pet beds is: your dog.

The reason why there's so many products out in the market is because they cater to every canine need. If you've taken the time to observe your pet, you'll see that he has his own sleeping habits. Is he the kind to nap at noon time? Does he sleep sprawled like a starfish; or curled into a ball? It might seem like little things, but these are important questions to ask yourself so you could choose the best pet bed.

Other vital factors to think about are his size, age, and activity level. Large dogs for instance, would need full-support beds like a dog mattress. These are big, heavy beds that usually contain foam or polyester for padding. Smaller-sized canines (such as teacup dogs) might prefer simple pillow beds that are quite comfy for lounging in.

If he's a young pup, he'd probably prefer a donut or bolster bed. These are typically round or oval, featuring cushioned bottoms and/or sides. The 'cup shape' helps to retain body heat so it's great for Winter too. This is also recommended for dogs who like leaning on something when they snooze. Older or senior pets would appreciate an orthopedic bed because it provides gentle heat for their aching joints.

One of the last things to ponder on would be price and style. Nowadays, there are a multitude of awesome products to choose from. There are even special beds for dogs who enjoy their naps outdoors. Portable cots or raised pet beds are ideal if your canine likes to sprawl himself under the sun. Adventure-seeking pets on the other hand, would love foldable beds that you can easily fold back into a compact size.

Give the Gift of Sleep

Aside from giving your dog the best sleep of his life, you'd be preventing your furniture from being soiled or worn out before their time. It's not always easy having to vacuum after your pet everyday either! By providing him with this basic need, you also show how much you love and care for him.