Travel Accessories for Pets this Holiday Season

Planning on taking your beloved pet on your extended Holiday trip? Be sure to include PetFancy Dog Carriers and travel accessories on your list of must-haves for a hassle-free vacation. Pets make great companions on journeys, especially with children also on board. But if you don't plan ahead, it can be stressful for you and your furry pal.

Depending on the mode of transport, these pet accessories can vary. Going on a road trip for instance, might not require pet passports or microchips – particularly if it's only in another state. Flying with animals though, is a totally different story. Remember to read up on international rules and regulations to keep pets safe even on another country. 

To ensure that your furry pals remain happy throughout the journey, don't forget these incredibly cute yet practical essentials. 

Safety Belts, Harnesses, and Seat Covers

Safety Belts

If you haven't purchased pet seatbelts yet, be sure to get one before your designated trip. State laws demand road safety for humans – so pets should be no exception. In fact, several states DO require seatbelts especially for pets. These not only keep them from jumping onto your lap if they get too excited; but safety harnesses prevent animals from becoming live projectiles in case of accidents. 

There have been too many examples of serious harm happening on both humans and pets due to lack of proper safety measures. Secure yourself, your family, and your beloved furry companion with these car accessories. Getting seat covers won't be a bad idea either if you want to keep your leather dander-free. These come in different types ranging from Eco-friendly to scratch-resistant. There is also a wide array of sizes and colors to choose from. 

Kennels and Carriers

Cat in a Suitcase

This is a must for pets who are constantly on the go. Don't hesitate to spend on your pets for good quality travel carriers. There's actually no specific airline-approved travel pod; so just inquire from your airline company regarding their rules on flying with animals. Common kennels are usually made of hard plastic – but these can be unreliable; particularly for determined animals. Grated metal would be your best bet.

When using an old carrier, inspect it first for any scratches, holes, or openings. It would be better to buy a new one for your journey since long flight hours can make pets uneasy, giving them more time to chew or claw their way out of their pods. Take note of ventilation and carrier doors during your purchase. Don't forget to label them too! 

Portable Bowls, Litter Boxes, and First Aid Kit

It's given that you'd want to make your pet's travel experience as enjoyable as possible. Investing in portable accessories like food bowls and water dispensers is a great way of showing your pets you care. There are various styles and options in the market: from collapsible models to those with spill-proof rims. Get something that's right for your needs and your budget. 

If humans have a first-aid kit, why shouldn't pets? Sometimes, things don't go according to plan and you and your furry pal might encounter unpleasant situations during the trip. To ensure their safety, always carry a separate kit just for them. You can buy them from pet stores or make on yourself. Fill a box with gauze (rolls and pads), bandages, cotton balls or swabs, an instant cold pack, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotics, scissors, bottled water, mild sedatives, and eyedropppers. 

Dog in a Toy Plane

Other items to include on your list are pet toys such as plush dolls or chew toys to keep them preoccupied. Check that they are wearing their ID tags so other people will know who to contact in case your companion gets lost. Packing extra treats would be a good idea as well. 

Traveling with your pet this Holiday season can be a truly memorable experience for you both. So stay safe, have fun, and keep paws in at all times!