For the Love of Pug: Quick List for First-Time Pug Owners

It's pretty understandable for first-time pug owners to go crazy on buying pet accessories like dog food bowls and leashes. After all, pugs are a special dog breed who are not only very lovable, but can also very sweet and sociable. If you have a pug and want to make his first days with you as comfortable as possible, take a look at these simple suggestions for a more fun and memorable experience.

Pug With Head Costume
Mark Your Pug

That doesn't mean tattoo him (though there are owners who do this practice) – it means that one of the first things you should buy is a form of identification tag to keep your new pet safe. After all, you wouldn't want to lose a friend after a day or two. A simple I.D. tag or dog charm would work well enough. Make sure your name and address is on it, plus important contact details. Pugs are known to be highly curious and easily-distracted creatures; so they might wander off or run away if left on their own. Ensuring his safety (and the possibility that he will be returned) is a priority when it comes to being a responsible pug owner.

Collar, Leashes, and Harnesses

Next step: get something to attach the identification item to. For pugs, harnesses work better than collars. That's because they're quite active and can often wiggle themselves free of their collars. Either way, find what's most comfortable for your pug since each pet is different. When choosing a harness, a nylon or leather one would be just fine. Check for tightness and be sure to ask the pet shop if you can try them on your pet. It's imperative that your pug will like your purchase. When it comes to leashes, a standard 6 to 8 feet length would be alright. This would ensure that you and your pug can have fun walking together, while still keeping an eye for him.

Pugs Love Food
Pug Close Up
That says it all. If they can, they'd eat all day – but seriously, control their diet. This is a main issue with this breed. Owners tend to get carried away and spoil their pugs with snacks and all kinds of treats. As a pug owner, it's your responsibility to keep your pet healthy and strong with the right diet and exercise. A stainless steel food bowl that can hold less than 32 ounces is fine for the average pug. Some even suggest that elevated feeders are good for digestion, although there's no real proof of that. Bottom line: make sure they have their own bowls for food and water, and clean them properly to prevent bacteria build-up.

The Playful Pug

Pugs love to have fun! It's all too easy to go wild when buying toys for your pet, but there's really no reason to be. For the first few days, buy one or two and then observe how your pug likes them. They are the type to go back to a favorite so if they find something they really enjoy, no need to buy another one unless it's time for a replacement.

Keep in mind though, that toys are not an alternative to real companionship. So more important than dog supplies, is your company. Come home to your pug; pet him, play with him, feed him with love, and he'll be forever loyal.