So You Want A Big Dog

big pet dogAside from big dog beds and larger-than-normal food bowls, immense pets need an owner with a huge heart. Being a pet owner is not easy on its own – but having a large canine around might prove to be your most challenging task to date!

Unlike smaller dogs such as pugs or chihuahuas, big dogs would have different needs. They also require a different kind of care and understanding because of what their size demands. It's true that big pets are not for everyone. But if you think you have a huge enough heart for one, take a look at some pointers below before you adopt.

• Consider the size of your home and of your future pet. Large canines would certainly take up plenty of space. So if you're living in a small apartment or have no access to a yard, you might want to reconsider.

• Big dogs are strong! Breeds that are particularly playful like a Saint Bernard, which can weigh up to 200 pounds, can suffocate you if you're not careful. Just like all pets, they need their regular walks and a game of fetch. Can you handle a big dog in case they become out of control?

• There's a tendency for small accidents to happen around big dogs. Things like knocking over delicate articles or overpowering small children is a major risk. Keep in mind that they never do this on purpose: they're simply too big for they're own good.

• The larger the dog, the more food it needs! Can you and your budget handle this?

huge pets

What To Expect From Big Pets

If you really believe that you and your family are ready for the responsibilities of owning a large canine, then here are a few general things you can expect:

• All pets require exercise, no matter how they weigh (more, if your dog is obese). But there are specific breeds of large dogs that don't need it as much. People with busy schedules can choose among a Great Dane or a Bullmastiff for example, because these require the least mount of exercise.

• Most dogs are affectionate at some level; but bigger dogs might not be one to show much devotion. That doesn't mean they're not loyal! Bloodhounds and Black Russian Terriers are rather showy about their feelings though; so if you want a dog who will jump at you the minute you walk in the door, then they might be a good choice for you.

• Big pets, especially those with fuller coats, would need proper grooming. The good thing about big dog breeds is that some of them actually tolerate the cold quite well (smaller dogs are rather sensitive to temperatures). So if you live on a colder climate, then maybe a bigger canine is the perfect companion!

A Big Heart for a Big Pet

What matters most is choosing the right pet for you and your family. Whether they're a big dog or a small one, think about what's best for them and how you can supply the love they need. For a pet, what's really important is how big your heart is!