Dress Your Pet on Valentine's Day

On this special day, you're probably thinking of buying leashes for your dogs as a sign of affection. While you might not be the more romantic type, there are a hundred other ways to show your pet that you care. Why not try something different this Valentine's Day? Chocolates and flowers aside, this is one holiday that you'll feel good about – whether you're single or not.

A V-Day Tradition
There are plenty of pet owners who love dressing their pets in cool costumes; not only for Valentine's Day, but for other special occasions as well. And sometimes, even for no particular reason whatsoever! These owners simply adore spending time with their furry pals, especially with crazy yet cute outfits.
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Dressing up your pet is not just an excuse for quality time, it's also great practice for your creative side. Toy dogs are usually in the spotlight because its easier to pretty them up; but big dogs can also look adorable. Their big frames can be a canvas for elaborate costumes and unique accessories! If you like sewing or designing clothes, your pet can be your eager (or not-so-eager) model!

Pets Who Love To Dress
Contrary to popular belief, not all pets have a distaste for being dolled up. Depending on your pet's personality and predisposition, he or she might just be willing to try that floppy hat. Friendly and amiable breeds like poodles and pugs are typically game for a good round of dress up. Be cautious when trying clothes on them though: if they start to growl or grow weary, don't push it. Let your model rest for a bit and maybe you can try again later.

What To Pick
Have you decided what your animal companion would be wearing during the day of hearts? If you're a picky owner, perhaps a simple bowtie collar in red or pink would suffice. There are also matching leashes you can mix and match, based on your mood. The great thing about dress-up collars is that they're practical: your pet can wear them at any time during the year!
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Do you prefer something similar to real clothes? There all kinds of pet sweaters, cardigans, boots, and vests! Choose from a wide array of colors, styles, as well as themes. This Valentine's Day, experiment with cute prints like red polka-dots, pink lace, and happy stripes. These outfits can be used again come Winter to keep your beloved pet warm. So why not purchase matching booties to go with that brown vest?
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The best thing about spending Valentine's with your pet is immortalizing the moment. Have a professional photographer take pictures of you and your furry pal. Better yet, ask your partner to be in the photo with you two! Don't forget to show off you and your dog's sweet style with friends and family on social media. With lots of love and a bit of planning, dressing up your pet for Valentine's can be a unique and exciting way to build memories.