Pros & Cons Of Teacup Dogs

If you've always wanted to carry cute dog bags around, then maybe a teacup pup is right for you. The term 'teacup dog' is actually NOT a breed or a type of dog. They're also not recognized by any major canine associations. Professional dog breeders refer to them as simply 'toy dogs' because they belong in the small canine group.
Teacup Puppies
'Teacup' is a name given to very small dogs measuring less than 17 inches, and typically weighing in at only 4 pounds. Basically, any dog breed can be considered a 'teacup' provided that they live up to the aforementioned requirements. The most popular breeds for teacups are chihuahuas, maltese, shitzus, yorkies, and beagles.

But before you can enjoy the company of a teacup dog, consider the pros and cons of this tiny totter.

A Full Cup

Teacup dogs are cute. Period. There's nothing more adorable than dressing up your small dog in pretty little outfits; or getting the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' of the crowd when you're with him in public. There are just some people who prefer the company of smaller pooches. Seniors or singles for example, love the tiny joy that comes from teacup pups. There's just something about them that melts people's hearts.

These pets may be small, but they're extremely loyal and protective. They love playing 'big dog'. A small pooch can sometimes become so overprotective of their owners, that they shall try to guard them against anything – even if it's too big! Teacup pets might lack the height and size, but confidence is one area that they've got covered! If you're feeling down and need an instant boost, let these smart, sassy creatures show you how it's done.

Chipped Tea

They might be small, but teacup pups can be a challenge to take care of. In fact, this is a huge factor to consider if you want to own one. Teacup dogs have long been known to suffer from a myriad of medical issues, including hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This means that they're going to require extra care and attention. If you're a busy bee who's often out of the house, you might need to reconsider adopting one.

Another big obstacle in owning these small wonders are vet bills. Add to that special diets as well as supplements (if applicable) and it can put holes in your pocket. In ancient times, teacup dogs were a luxury. Only emperors or members of the royal court and the aristocracy could afford to have them. And with their 'special needs', that wouldn't come as a surprise. Before getting your hands on one, be sure that you've thought this through carefully.

More Please!

Are you prepared to live with a small dog? Other factors to consider would be the size of your family, your patience, and monthly budget. Teacups can be stubborn and won't be trained as easily as a normal-sized canine. Having small kids or big pets around can also pose risks for your cute teacup pup.

However, if your love is as big as your home, then go ahead and make one small dog happy. After all, when it comes to puppy love, it should be 'one size fits all'!